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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fuck is Offensive?!?

It seems that for Photubucket the F word is offensive!
My drawing Fuck 2008 was deleted from my Photobucket account...

ME: My drawing "Fuck2008" was deleted. Why?

PHOTOBUCKET: Dear, It was the profanity used in the image. Sincerely, Your Photobucket Support Team

ME: Dear Photobucket Support Team, For a non english speaker it's hard to understand where the profanity is. Is it the use of the word "Fuck"? I'm a visual artist and it's hard to understand it; the context for the word is not profane; it's an usual expression in our days. Please let me know if you have seen the picture or if it was deleated just because the archive's name was "fuck2008". Also, i don't have a backup of the image. I trusted your service as kind of an archive for my drawings. Can you please give my drawing back?... One last issue; if you think there is any problem with any image why don't you send an email telling your client to delete it? We have a problem now... I want my image back. Do I need to find a laywer to sue you if you don't give my digital art back?... Please understand, I'm with good will on this matter. I think you have deleted the image without seeing it. I trusted photobucket to backup my drawings, you have deleted one of them without telling me why, or asking me to solve any problem, if you really think that there was one. Hope to hear from you soon, and that we'll be able to solve this problem. esgar

PHOTOBUCKET: Dear Mr. Esgar Acelerado, Photobucket is an English language site. 'Fuck' is considered a profanity and is being removed from the site as it is found. The image removed did have that profanity in it, and was removed. We cannot send the image to you, and we are not a back up service. This information is in our Terms of Use (found here: and is explained. Sincerely, Your Photobucket Support Team

ME: Dear Photobucket Support Team, thanks for teaching me that the word "Fuck" is considered a profanity in english.
I have a question. Since Photobucket is an English site is it ok for me to translate the word to my native language, portuguese, draw another drawing but in portuguese? Insted of "Fuck" can i write "Foda-se" and upload my new drawing to Photobucket?
Hope you understand that this is a very important subject for me, as former paying user of Photobucket. I don't want to subscribe for a paying account without your answer. Also, I NEED MY IMAGE BACK!!! What kind of service is this, that delete an user data without any kind of warning? esgar

PHOTOBUCKET: Dear Mr. Esgar Acelerado, Using profanity in any language may result in the termination of an account. Once an account has been banned, or offending images removed we can neither reinstate the account so that you can recover any of the images (regardless of if that particular image violated our Terms of Use or not) or provide you with the images which were banned. Our Terms of Use addresses that issue in section 6.6 near the end of the paragraph - an excerpt is below Also, although Photobucket will normally only delete Content that violates this Agreement, Photobucket reserves the right to delete any Content for any reason, without prior notice. Deleted content may be stored by Photobucket in order to comply with certain legal obligations and is not retrievable without a valid court order. Consequently, Photobucket encourages you to maintain your own backup of your User Content. In other words, Photobucket is not a backup service. Photobucket will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of the Photobucket Services, or the loss of any Content. While I'm certain this is not the answer you were hoping for I trust that I have clarified this decision. Sincerely, Your Photobucket Support Team

ME: Dear Photobucket Support Team, Thanks for your quick answer. As a photobucket user I'm glad to found that you make every effort to try to solve this problem. In order to prevent any future problems with my work, i need photobucket to tell me if any of the images I have now in my account are in any way offensive so that I can backup them in my computer and delete them from my account. I don't want you to ban my account because it's very important for me, as a visual artist, to provide my fans with valid html adresses so they can see my work in multiply internet forums and blogs. I've been told to say you this by my lawyer. Also, he tells me that if you don't answer me I can assume that ALL the drawings and images I have there are OK and that you CAN'T delete them in the future. Sorry if i'm giving you extra work, but it's important to know that I'm not violating any photobucket rule. In my modest opinion, the image you deleted "fuck2008" it's nothing more than an artistic expression about the complexity of the present days and the dream of a brighter and easyer past. Nothing more than that, and can't be judge as "offensive" by any free spirit. esgar

PHOTOBUCKET: Dear Mr. Esgar Acelerado,
Please consider backing up all your content now. You can log into the account and accomplish this by following the steps recommended by the following FAQ:
We make no statement that all the content in your account at present is fine, furthermore we reserve the right (as is stated in our Terms of Use) to moderate your account at any time and remove any content we see fit.
You may want to begin looking for a host which better meets your needs as we cannot provide you with what your lawyer thinks we are obliged to.
Your Photobucket Support Team

ME: Dear Photobucket Support Team
Thanks for your concern.
Since you're telling me to look for another host, does that means that you're considering banning my account?... If so, please wait a couple days so that I can have time to backup the images I have on photobucket. At present, I'm drinking a coffee at ramiro's and the internet here is so slow... Also, I use photobucket for 3 years now, I guess, I don't know any other services to host images. Can you advice me on a good one?... Is there a way to migrate the images from photobucket to other server or do I really need to backup them to my computer and then upload them to the server I choose?
Anyway, thanks for let me know that you'll delete my account. That's precisely my point... Is that really hard to let people know about any problem with the images BEFORE you delete them? I guess that your users should apreciate if you do so.
As for your right to moderate my account, I've asked you to do it now. I don't want to break any photobucket rule. If i have any image that may considered to be offensive just let me know. Some of them are in your server since 2007 and I don't want any further problems! I have 600 images there; it just takes an hour to see if everything is ok. Is it possible?
Hope you understand it. esgar


Anonymous said...

And that is why we have private websites ; )
You can say fuck all you want, since it's your website! : )))

Helder Luis

Rafaela Miranda said...

Que palhaçada... E nós a pensar que a revolução dos cravos nos tinha dado a liberdade de expressão!

Telmo said...

dos posts mais cómicos que já li num blog. muito obrigado.

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